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SACID Workshops

Working towards an inclusive community for people with intellectual disability.

Did you know that the South Australia Council on Intellectual Disability (SACID) offers workshops specifically designed for individuals with intellectual disability and their families?

SACID is the peak body for Intellectual Disability in South Australia and a not-for-profit organisation. Their mission is to work towards an inclusive and accessible community where people with intellectual disability are involved and accepted as equal participating members.
SACID workshops are free and co-designed and facilitated by staff with intellectual disability. Workshops are held at SACID head office, or can be facilitated within local community centres, disability organisations or community groups.

Depending on group sizes, SACID facilitators can arrange to bring their training to you in both metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia.

These workshops are often focused on capacity building, skill development and establishing healthy habits. Workshops available for families and caregivers focus on planning and preparing for the future.

SACID also provides training and workshops for members of the general public and local businesses.

This training includes workshops on inclusion, which aim to improve understanding of intellectual disability and how an individual or organisation can be more inclusive.

SACID workshops provide valuable insight and advice from people with lived experiences.

To find out more, or to attend a workshop, visit sacid.org.au

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