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Developmental Services

Developmental Educator Christina supporting a client in developmental programs .

Orana provides a variety of programs to build your confidence and independence. Our programs are flexible, fun, and facilitated one-on-one or in small groups. Orana’s programs are suited to an individual’s abilities and interests and are designed to provide practical and positive strategies to enhance skills that lead to independence.

Programs available include:

  • Cooking with confidence: learn about safety and hygiene in the kitchen whilst learning to prepare and cook delicious and healthy meals. Download the flyer here.
  • Information technology: learn more about your computer, laptop, phone, or tablet (including cyber safety). Download the flyer here.
  • Learning for my L’s: gain confidence and knowledge about basic road rules and practical tips to prepare for your learners permit test. Download the flyer here.
  • Life out loud: learn about healthy relationships, hygiene, self-esteem, and sexual health, your rights, and keeping yourself safe. Download the flyer here.
  • Moving out of home: increase your confidence in performing practical skills so you’re ready to live independently. Download the flyer here.
  • Money handling and budgeting for life: learn about the value of money, keeping it safe, saving, and setting up and managing your own budget. Download the flyer here.
  • Nutrition and healthy living: increase your understanding of healthy lifestyle choices, including diet, exercise, and relaxation. Download the flyer here.
  • Safety in the community: learn some tips to keep yourself safe – basic road rules, appropriate communication, safe and unsafe strangers, and personal safety. Download the flyer here.
  • Social skills: understand social norms and social behaviour. Practice communication and relationship skills to become more confident within your community. Download the flyer here.
  • Social-emotional counselling: learn about your feelings, self-esteem, confidence, mindfulness, and assertiveness. Download the flyer here.
  • Turning anger into calm: learn techniques to understand your feelings, and to help you self-regulate so you can feel calm and safe. Download the flyer here.

If you would like to build your skills in other areas not listed, our Developmental Educators can work one-on-one with you to achieve your goals.

Orana’s Developmental Educators use a person-centred, holistic, and evidence-based approach to Positive Behaviour Support to improve a person’s quality of life. We work with the individual and other stakeholders to understand the reason and functions of the behaviours of concern and develop strategies to best support the person. People involved in the person’s life are then trained in understanding the Positive Behaviour Support Plan. 

Developmental Educator Christina supporting client James, with a laptop.

Orana helps get your NDIS plan up and running, supporting you to find services that fit your interests, needs and goals, to support you to become independent and live life your way.

Orana’s experienced and skilled Support Coordinators can support you in finding the right solutions for you to achieve your NDIS goals and build your capacity. Orana will help you navigate through the NDIS and connect you with providers who offer the right services to achieve your goals.

Our team can assist in providing you with choices of service providers, allied health providers, and local community groups, and can support you in making decisions with them.

We support you in understanding your plan and budget for the services you receive and can negotiate with service providers on your behalf and help prepare you for your NDIS planning meetings.

You should feel empowered by having the choice of who provides your support and how it is implemented.

Orana provides a range of consultancy services to schools and preschools, including professional development for teachers, and one-to-one educational programs and support for students.

We specialise in education, special learning needs, and disability professional consulting.

Our education consultancy program builds the capacity of people working in education and community settings to work with children and students with Down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders.

Educational and professional consultancy services for students can be provided in mainstream schools, special units and classes, special schools, and the broader community.

Education consultancy programs may include the following:

  • Curriculum planning, development, and implementation support
  • Transitioning to school
  • Individual programs for teachers and support staff to model and support students
  • Targeted consultation for leadership and support teams

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