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Down Syndrome SA

Child with Down syndrome colouring in and drawing.

The first few years of a child’s life host the most significant and rapid growth periods.

During these early years, kids are continually developing physically, mentally, and cognitively, building language, self-help, and social skills.

Children with chromosomal disorders typically face delays in certain areas of development, so early intervention is critical. Early intervention may include a program of therapy, exercise, and activities designed to address developmental delays.

Early intervention programs provide parents and caregivers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and support their child’s growth and development. The program teaches how to interact with your child, how to meet their specific needs, and how to enhance development.

Orana offers a range of services to support the growth and development of children with chromosomal disorders.

Down Syndrome SA Playgroup

Orana holds parent information and support groups twice a school term in Leabrook and Parafield Gardens. Babies, toddlers, and pre-school children with chromosomal disorders, and their families and caregivers are welcome. Kids can participate in games and activities in a safe and secure environment whilst families and caregivers are able to share experiences.

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School support

Using specialist knowledge in disability and education, Orana’s Education Consultants work to build the capacity of children with disability and their support networks to assist them to achieve their goals.

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