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Club Slick Party Changes

Club Slick prices have recently increased for all guests, marking the first price change in five years. New ticket prices are:
All guests: $20

This increase of $5 per person helps to cover the costs of venue hire and bar prices.

Club Slick Junior will have their last hurrah in July, as this dance party will no longer continue. Club Slick Senior, will continue to run as usual.

Club Slick membership will no longer be available. Existing members will retain their benefits until the membership year ends. All members are welcome to return to Club Slick as general paying guests.

Taking shape on a monthly basis, Burnside Ballroom is turned into one big dance floor as we gather with new and old friends.

With a wide range of music from retro rock n roll to the latest hits, participants have the chance to join in set dance routines as well as free dance with a partner.

To purchase your tickets, please visit Oranaonline.com.au, or simply purchase them at the door. Tickets are available for purchase on the first Monday of each month.

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