Pallet Manufacturing

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Orana has been manufacturing pallets for both the domestic market and international market place for over 30 years.

Our pallet range consists of:

  • Standard domestic pallets
  • Standard export pallets (ISPM15)
  • 4 way pallets (block pallets)
  • Top pallets
  • Specific and customised sizing

We can produce pallets of varying sizes that encompass specific tailored sizing and specifications ensuring customers’ expectations and timelines are met.

Orana pallets use 100% Australian timber sourced through sustainable timber farming methods.

Heat treatment

Orana “Heat Treats” all pallets that will be used for exporting, complying with the ISPM15 standard. Orana is committed to heat treating timber rather than using Methyl Bromide treatments as the use of Methyl Bromide is harmful to the ozone layer.


Please contact one our Business Development Managers on (08) 8375 2000 to find out how we can help, or complete our online contact form and request a quote and we will contact you shortly.