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Meeting Snoop Dogg

For Whyalla Supported Independent Living client, Hayden, dreams really do come true. In early March, Hayden had an incredible opportunity to meet with, chat to and hang out with world-renowned American rapper and superstar, Snoop Dogg!

Supported by his Client Coach Sam, the duo made their way to Adelaide from Whyalla to have the experience of a life time.
Snoop Dog is Hayden’s idol and a rapper he has followed and cherished for years, so when the opportunity to meet the mega-star arose, he couldn’t pass it up.

“I had a really good day and enjoyed every part of the concert.”

Hayden’s meet and greet with the performer was an incredible, positive experience, with the rapper gifting him with a gold chain. The chain is a 14k gold and white gold chain from Snoops’ record label, Deathrow Records, and was given as a gift to welcome Hayden to the Snoops family.

According to Sam, the concert had a very positive energy to it, and was a great environment, packed with adoring fans. With some encouragement, Hayden became immersed in the concert, rapping, dancing, and waving around his phone light in the sea of lights overhead.
After such an exciting and eventful event, Hayden and Sam headed back to Whyalla the following day, ready to show off his new accessory and share his incredible experience with family and friends.

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