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A new partnership with TURN

Turning recyclable materials on their head, Orana is excited to partner with world renowned, environmentally friendly company, TURN.
Recently chosen as one of three most innovative companies in reuse for Upstream, TURN has been selected by a number of worldwide companies as their reusable plastics provider. Delta Air and the new Australian airline Bonza Airlines have chosen TURN for their in-flight sustainable offerings.

TURN’s collection of products and washing technologies make reusable items scalable, easy and affordable. Each TURN cup, has a lifespan of 120 uses before being recycled, saving up to 50,000 disposable cups at a typical event.

Employees at Orana’s Netley Business Services Site are getting their hands ready to work with TURN products
Kicking off in March, Orana will be TURN Australia’s first wash hub servicing the Australian market exclusively. Employees at Netley will use TURN washing technologies to ensure all cups are thoroughly cleaned before reuse.

“We believe at TURN, to always give back where we can. Having a partner like Orana, means we can confidently run our systems whilst focusing on other areas, like ensuring we stop more single use plastics hitting the waste streams.”

This new partnership will employ up to five people, with the potential to expand across multiple metropolitan Business Services locations in the future.

“Since day one, Orana has been nothing but helpful, strategic and willing to adapt quickly. We’re excited to see how this partnership will grow. Changing the world, one cup at a time!” Jack Charewicz, Director, TURN.

Orana is excited to be working closing with such a sustainable company, which will help reduce our carbon footprint as well.

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