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The path to volunteering

Volunteerability was recently informed of an extremely important volunteer at the City of West Torrens. The Volunteerability team was introduced to Vicky, a passionate and committed volunteer, after speaking with Shannon Lopez, the Volunteer Project Officer.
Vicky has been a part of the community bus program and, more recently, a social program for the elderly population in the City of West Torrens for the past 13 years.

With the social program coming to an end, Vicky was keen to continue with her passion and find a new program to be a part of and make a difference.

On Vicky’s behalf, Shannon contacted Volunteerability in search of a new suitable volunteer role that would be a perfect fit for Vicky’s skills and interests.

Volunteerability had the opportunity to meet with Vicky and her Support Coordinator, to learn more about her and get to know her. Vicky proudly displayed a number of certificates of service for her work in the volunteer sector, beaming as she spoke to each.

Vicky enjoys spending time with and getting to know people as part of her volunteer work. And, as part of our mission to find her a new volunteer position, we explored a number of different opportunities along her regular public transportation route that met her criteria.
Calvary Flora McDonald Residential Care Home, a leading aged care community with excellent lifestyle programs, had a number of volunteer positions available.

This opportunity allows Vicky to combine her love of meeting and getting to know new people with her passion for encouraging people to connect with one another. This volunteer position also allows her to connect with residents while serving tea and coffee, chatting with them and learning more about them.

According to David, the Volunteer Coordinator at Calvary Flora McDonald, the team was more than happy to create a role that allowed Vicky to use her skills and interact with the residents.

Vicky was eager to finish the paperwork and get started as soon as possible after a brief tour and induction.
Volunteerability can provide support to volunteers who are required to complete paperwork, various police and government checks, training and other requirements.

With the support of our Volunteerability Engagement Officer, Adam, Vicky was able to complete some additional training after a number of weeks in her new volunteering position.

Adam read the training material, and Vicky responded by answering and selecting the correct options within her training modules, proudly completing all of the training!

Vicky has been in contact with Volunteerability on a regular basis since beginning her volunteer position to relay the many positive comments from residents and staff at Calvary Flora McDonald.

Vicky embodies all of the qualities of an outstanding volunteer: dedication, dependability, friendliness, compassion, and enthusiasm. We are confident that she will continue to volunteer in the community for many years to come, improving the lives of those she supports.
Volunteerability was developed to create more inclusive communities in South Australia by providing and generating volunteer opportunities for people with disability.

Volunteerability also offers awareness training sessions, toolkits, and resources to organisations and businesses interested in recruiting volunteers.

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