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A year in review

After assuming this position in February 2022, get to know Jim Liu, our Chief Executive Officer.
Jim joined Orana as the Executive Manager, Business Services in July 2021. Jim quickly thrived and became a well-respected member of the team and wider Orana community, with a background in the commercial sector, specifically in business growth, improvement, and customer engagement.

Jim has gained a deeper and broader understanding of Orana’s operations and our industry since assuming the role of CEO a year ago.

What were the highlights of your first year as CEO?

The highlight for me, has been meeting our staff, families and supported employees over the last 12 months. Hearing so many stories and positive feedback on what Orana does and how we make a positive impact and the difference in people’s lives has been so encouraging and fulfilling.

It has also been valuable listening to feedback on how we can improve and enhance our services to continue to improve the lives of people we support.

What is one meaningful story or interaction that comes to mind from your time as CEO?

Presenting service awards in June last year gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of staff and to see the passion and commitment in our workforce.

To see the genuine affinity amongst our staff who provide the best care to our clients is fantastic. It’s so important to recognise our teams’ commitment, contributions and passion in their roles, and we commend each and every member of the team. It’s fantastic to see that some, staff or employees, have been with Orana for over 20 years, some even reach 50 years, a huge milestone.

I love having conversations and interactions with many of our long-term supported employees. Listening and seeing the pride, enthusiasm, joy and engagement they bring to work each day, is such a wonderful and humbling experience.

What goals would you like to see Orana achieve over the next few years?

Orana has been around for 73 years, and I would love to see us around for another 73 and beyond.
Our aim is to be one of the best providers in South Australia for offering market-leading support and superior service that meet the needs of our clients.

To do this, we need to build a culture of high performance and attract, retain and develop the best talent to provide the highest level of support and service to our clients.

Enhancing and developing our HR framework, including our processes and systems is the foundation and a focus for the next few years.
We are also working toward growing our service offering by extending our core services without compromising the quality of the supports delivered, or the safety of our clients.

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