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Galway Community Update

Orana’s Galway Supported Independent Living apartments have recently undergone a transformation and are a fantastic community hub.
Galway has transformed into a hub of excitement with a focus on community and inclusion, thanks to the support of Galway Team Leader Helen Yankova.

Helen has introduced a number of new programs to the complex since becoming Team Leader in December 2022, with the goal of getting everyone involved and building on skill development.

Helen joined Orana 17 years ago and has always worked in client-facing roles within Independent Living Services. Helen is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about client wellbeing and the value of community.

“Orana is a great place to work, and I love working with our clients. Galway is so special and it’s great to see that it’s become such a neighbourly environment for not only current residents, but with clients from other Orana homes too.” Helen Yankova, Galway Team Leader.

Every Tuesday afternoon, all residents can participate in a newly-introduced arts and crafts program. The program focuses on a new theme each work, with each participant showcasing their creations at the end of each session over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

These ‘crafternoons’ are perfect for everyone to get involved and demonstrate their creative talents. Each session is packed with an abundance of supplies and boasts an array of variety so each participant can pick and choose what they would like to do.

In addition to crafternoons, Helen has introduced a Literacy and Numeracy program. Participants can get involved with crosswords, basic sums, dot-to-dots, alphabet puzzles, word searches, colouring in and more, with a selection of difficulties available so all are welcomed to participate.

Throughout Winter and the colder months, each program will be held inside, allowing the programs to continue even when wet. Helens goal is to waterproof the outdoor area, so that the programs can run long-term and in a familiar environment.

These programs are important to the community because they allow participants to build friendships with not only one another, but with all Orana clients who attend.

“It’s really good to come together and form friendships and build a sense of community. I’m really lucky and am excited to be working at Galway.” Helen Yankova.

The outdoor area at Galway has recently been refurbished with new furniture, a new BBQ, and a pizza oven that were generously donated, adding to the community environment. The outdoor gathering space has more greenery to make it feel more welcoming, as well as a variety of furniture to accommodate everyone.

The community has recently held a number of parties, celebrating events and holidays, such as New Years Eve. Community BBQs also held on a regular basis.

Helen’s plans for the year include the creation of an accessible community garden. The community garden will serve as an educational resource for learning about gardening, the life cycles of plants and vegetables, and food preparation hygiene.

In addition, Galway residents are getting involved in their own AFL footy tipping competition. Kicking off just before round one, all residents will submit their favourites and picks. After round 18, when the finals begin, entrants will be treated to a dinner out, with the winner, second, and third place tippers announced.

Galway currently has three vacancies, and the apartments are perfectly located, close to a diverse array of facilities including a pharmacy and medical clinic, public transportation, and Orana’s Netley Business Services site. It’s the ideal location for people who want to maintain their independence without relying on public transportation.

With such a focus on community and becoming an inclusive environment, Galway is the perfect place to build and form new friendships and become part of a strong community.

Find out more about our vacancies at Galway online here, or contact our team on 8375 2000.

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