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Orana Pet Shop is closing

After weeks of deliberation, Orana’s Port Augusta Pets and Accessories shop, located at 23 Commercial Road, will be closing its doors on Friday, March 31.

Our pet shop, like many other small businesses, has struggled with rising costs that are now unsustainable. With the current economic climate and the aftermath of Covid, restoring Orana’s pet shop in Port Augusta as a viable service has become difficult.

The staff and employees have worked tirelessly over recent times to secure the longevity of the service, and this has been supported by the wider Port Augusta community.

The decision has not been taken lightly. The staff have been exceptional in working as a team to make it work, but limited opportunities have prevented a positive outcome.

We will now review our resources in the region with the goal of relocating our staff, employees, and current Business Services employment activities to the nearby Orana Community Options site at 8 Marryatt Street.

We would like to thank the Port Augusta community for their continued support over the years.

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