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The ins & outs of SIL funding

Supported Independent Living can help NDIS participants in achieving their independence related goals!

What is Supported Independent living?
Supported Independent Living, known as SIL, is a NDIS funded support that provides support and assistance of daily tasks to help people with disability live as independently as possible.

  • Having SIL within a NDIS plan, can provide support with:
  • Assistance with household tasks like cooking and cleaning
  • Connections to lifestyle activities like social and community gatherings
  • Personal care, hygiene and assistance with medication management
  • Travelling to and support with appointments
  • Assistance to achieve NDIS goals

Considering if SIL is the right fit.
The Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or NDIS Planner will assess whether Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a reasonable and necessary support for participants seeking SIL funding, taking into consideration their goals, daily life and evidence submitted.

SIL is best suited for participants who require significant support on a daily basis. While SIL may not be suitable for everyone, there are other home and living supports available that may better meet a participant’s lifestyle and provide the support they need.

Working with a Support Coordinator.
A Support Coordinator can help in understanding and implementing a NDIS plan. They will support participants to build skills and abilities to exercise choice and control over the supports and services received within the allocated NDIS funding.

A Support Coordinator can assist in finding the right SIL provider, and can help coordinate all documentation.

How to get SIL funding.
SIL funding can support people to live a life of their choice. Here are the steps involved in obtaining this funding:

  • To establish the level of support required, an Occupational Therapist will perform an assessment
  • Connect with a Support Coordinator to find a suitable SIL provider
  • The chosen SIL provider will create a Roster of Care based on support needs
  • The Support Coordinator will submit documentation to the NDIS to show that SIL funding has been requested
  • The NDIS will review the documentation to assess if SIL funding is reasonable and necessary
  • Once approved, the journey to SIL accommodation begins!

What is a roster of care?
A Roster of Care serves as a structured document created by a SIL provider.
This highlights the specific hours and services that will be provided, and by who.

This serves as a weekly schedule and assists in calculating the cost to provide support.

What is excluded from SIL funding?
Costs that are not covered by SIL funding relate to those that are not directly associated with disability support. This includes:

  • Costs associated with groceries
  • Expenses related to renting and household bills like gas, electricity and water
  • The cost of a vehicle or public transport
  • Managing household budgets

Orana’s SIL give people with different support needs a safe place to live in the community, without giving up their independence.
Orana values each person’s uniqueness and doesn’t take a one size fits all approach.
The support received is adjusted to meet changing needs, goals, and funding in NDIS plans.
SIL is available in metropolitan and regional South Australia.

Visit oranaonline.com.au to find out more about Orana SIL and our current vacancies.
Contact our team on 8375 2000 or visit our website, to find out how our Support Coordinators can assist you on your Supported Independent Living journey.

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