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Super sweet updates from ManukaOz

Orana recently begun a fantastic partnership with local South Australian companies Bionat and ManukaOz.

Bionat Australia provides unique customised packaging solutions specialising in Manuka honey consumables, as well as acting as a leading sourcing agent of natural and raw materials to meet the individual needs of export and domestic business in the health and wellness space.

Its strategic and collaborative partnership with ManukaOz, Australia’s innovative honey brand, and Orana, see our Netley Business Services site house custom-built machinery to pack products for export to Korea and other international destinations.

Since the commencement of this partnership, the new purpose-built machinery has been installed and set up in a temperature-controlled room at Netley Business Services. This cutting-edge facility and packaging provide unique and contemporary solutions for natural health food supplements and honey-based products.

Testing is now underway for packaging solutions and outcomes of honey sachets.

Throughout the process, a number of employees have been involved in the installation and testing phases of this partnership, in an effort to train a number of key staff and employees to operate and understand the functionality of each machine.

When the testing phase is complete, this partnership will provide full time employment for seven Orana employees, with plans to grow in the coming years.

Orana will prepare and package four distinct honey varieties for international export.

We’re proud to be the exclusive packaging partner for Bionat and ManukaOz, and are excited to see how this super sweet partnership grows.

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