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Announcing our new partnership with Spacetalk

Orana is excited to be working in partnership with leading technology company, Spacetalk.

Spacetalks technology has revolutionised child safety across the world, as parents for the first time were able to be notified almost instantly if their child was absent from school.

Netley Business Services employees are now part of a team that assembles and packages parts of their Spacetalk smartwatches in partnership with Orana.

This partnership has created employment for four employees at Netley.

“Everyone deserves an opportunity to work and create the life they want to live, and Orana helps make this a reality for so many people” Jana Rohackova, Executive Assistant, Spacetalk.

Demand for Spacetalk smartwatches is determined by the market, which can fluctuate from week to week. Spacetalk can adjust and scale up or down workload planning thanks to Orana’s flexibility, giving them time to react to the ever-changing market.

“They are reliable, dependable, well organised and fantastic at what they do.”

In choosing an assembly and packaging partner, Spacetalk considered who aligned with their corporate responsibility and corporate values.

“Spacetalk takes social responsibility seriously… we admire the work Orana does, from offering employment opportunities to building independence to learning new skills and creating a sense of community” Jana Rohackova, Executive Assistant, Spacetalk.

Orana is excited to continue building our relationship with Spacetalk and we hope to expand on services and opportunities in the future.

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