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Club Slick: Party for the ages

Get back band strikes a cord at Club Slick.

Get Back, Adelaide’s favourite Rock ‘N’ Roll cover band performed a set of groovy tunes that got everyone on the dance floor at the Club Slick event in November.

Music has the remarkable ability to bring together diverse communities and overcome barriers. A live band, in particular, has the capacity to unite people through their shared love for music and the joy of dancing.

Club Slick creates an incredible atmosphere that promotes dancing, enjoyment, and the formation of friendships through shared experiences.
Thank you to our favourite Rock ’N’ Roll band, Get Back, for joining us in November.

In 2024, we are excited to announce the return of the best tunes and extend a warm welcome to everyone for our monthly Club Slick events.
Club Slick is a monthly event that takes place on Friday nights at the Burnside Ballroom. It offers a wonderful opportunity for individuals with disabilities to come together, socialise, and develop their skills. By promoting increased participation in community activities, Club Slick aims to support the overall development and inclusion of people with disability.

We look forward to having a boogie again next year.

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