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Wheeling into a sunny paradise

South Australia’s accessible beaches

As the summer season commences and the temperature rises, Australians eagerly embrace the quintessential tradition of basking in the sun at their nearby beaches.

The beach is not just a spot to relax and enjoy the refreshing water while indulging in a delicious ice cream treat. It is also a captivating environment that offers a multitude of sensory experiences, which should be accessible to everyone.

In recent years, there has been a notable trend towards inclusivity on Australian beaches. Efforts to make these popular coastal destinations more accessible have resulted in the implementation of various amenities and infrastructure improvements. From the introduction of beach wheelchairs to the installation of accessible bathrooms, pathways, improved parking facilities, and beach mats, these initiatives aim to ensure that everyone can enjoy the sea and sand without barriers.

Inclusive SA and Accessible Beaches showcase and highlight what accessibility features your local beach may have.

Check out these accessible South Australian beach, and enjoy your days in the sun.

Henley Beach

Just a short distance from the CBD, Henley Beach is surrounded by beautiful restaurants, grassed areas and its beautiful shoreline.

Accessibility features:

  • Beach mats from Thursday to Sunday between October and Easter. Beach mats are rolled out pending tide times and weather conditions.
  • Mobi-mat wheelchair parking on the sand
  • Beach wheelchairs available for free half-day hire between October and Easter
  • Accessible parking spaces close to the shoreline
  • Fully equipped changing place facilities

Largs Bay

West of the city, Largs Beach welcome beach lovers with a number of coastal playgrounds, BBQ and picnic facilities, community artwork, and local restaurants.

Accessibility features:

  • Permanent beach matting and obstacle free access
  • Accessible bathroom
  • Accessible parking spaces


Located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide, Normanville is a picturesque coastal town, flanked by grassed areas and cafés.

Accessibility features:

  • Mobi-chair floating beach wheelchairs
  • Slat style access platform
  • Accessible parking

Semaphore beach

Semaphore’s white sands, family-friendly shallows and colourful shoreline make for a classic Adelaide beach escape.

Accessible features:

  • Accessible beach mat
  • Beach wheelchairs
  • Playground with Liberty swing
  • Accessible change rooms
  • Obstacle free access

Whyalla Foreshore

As part of the state’s beautiful Eyre Peninsula, the Whyalla Foreshore welcomes guests with a number of cafés and grassed areas, perfect for a summer picnic.

Accessible features:

  • Beach mats on Saturday and Sunday between October and Easter
  • Beach wheelchairs available on Saturday and Sunday
  • Fully equipped changing place facilities
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Accessible parking spaces

Find out more at accessiblebeaches.com or inclusive.sa.gov.au

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