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Winter Getaways

Semaphore Weekend Away

Throughout May, we held two Getaway weekends at Adelaide Beachfront Discover Parks in Semaphore. Getaway campers were assigned cabins and settled in for a weekend of fun, social and outdoor activities.

Attending Orana Getaways and Camps is a fantastic way to develop social and independence skills.

Many campers have been attending for years, so it’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and spend a weekend together. Getaways and Camps also allow parents and carers to enjoy some time off.

“It’s great that we can support parents and carers to have a break whilst we host our getaways. They’re always fun and have everyone laughing, it allows clients to step outside of their comfort zone to try or learn something new.”

Amy Sherpa, Orana Holiday Coordinator.

The recent Semaphore Getaways had an array of fun activities, both indoors and outdoors. On the first night, all guests were welcomed with group board games and karaoke. The following day started with a shared breakfast and a discussion about the events scheduled for the day.
The first stop was at the Port Adelaide Maritime Museum, followed by a boat cruise along the Port Adelaide River.

“I really liked seeing the dolphins and being on the boat.”

Isi Sweeney, camper.

The afternoon included a visit to the Osbourne Skate Park to watch a league competition taking place.

In the evening, all campers and staff enjoyed a pizza party together, followed by a trip to the Odeon cinema to watch a movie.

On the final day of the retreat, campers visited the Aviation Museum in Port Adelaide, where 27 historic aircrafts are on display, as well as three that are being restored. Aircrafts on display included a McDD Hornet A21 -32, a DH Sea Venom WZ931, and a Aero Commander VH-PSG.

Missiles and rockets, engines, and a NASA collection are also on display. Campers were also able to sit inside the forward fuselage of a BAE 146. The Semaphore Getaway ended with a shared lunch at Port Adelaide’s Pirate Life Brewery.

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