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Our New Ambassadors

We are proud to announce the appointment of our three new Ambassadors, Amanda, Ryan and Josh.

The role of an Orana Ambassador is to represent and showcase Orana services at a range of activities and events. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to get involved in a number of expos, our Evening Under The Stars Gala Ball, tours, inductions and a variety of other Orana events.

This energetic team will undertake six months of training to learn new skills, before representing Orana for one year.

We congratulate Amanda, Ryan, and Josh on being chosen as key representatives for Orana over the next 18 months, following a rigorous application and selection process.

Meet Amanda

Amanda is looking forward to growing her confidence, making new friends, and learning new skills as one of Orana’s inaugural Ambassadors.

Amanda, who has been an employee at Orana for over ten years, has gained valuable experience representing the company at numerous expos and events.

“My favourite thing about Orana is getting the support I need to learn new skills and getting to try new things. I also get the help I need to increase my confidence.”

Amanda is proud to have been selected as an Ambassador for Orana and is looking forward to working with Josh and Ryan to represent the organisation.

Meet Ryan

Ryan is proud to have the opportunity to represent Orana as one of the first official Ambassadors.

Ryan is excited to use his skills and passion to represent Orana, having previously actively participated in and supported the organisation at various expos and events.

“I enjoy telling people about all the different types of jobs that we do here. I love working on a range of tasks, and have lots of friends to work with at Orana.”

Meet Josh

Josh’s interest in becoming an Ambassador stems from his ambition to become a leader within his Orana employment team.

“I love the work and friendliness of Orana, and how committed they are to the work they do.”

Whilst Josh is new to the Orana Ambassador position, he is no stranger to a representative role.

Josh has developed his public speaking skills while representing South Australia at the Australian Special Olympics.

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