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How assistive technology is making a difference

Assistive technology is a range of equipment or devices designed to help people with disability in their day-to-day life. Assistive technology can also help you complete a task more quickly or safely and is designed to help you do things you can’t do because of your disability.
Assistive technology (AT) can be simple or complex and consist of different equipment, technology, and devices for different areas of your life. They can also reduce the pressure placed on caregivers and the requirement for formal health and support services.

Social interaction is crucial for happiness, safety, and overall wellbeing. For those who struggle with hearing, vision, cognition, memory, movement, agility, or difficulty producing speech, products based on technology are available to assist with communication. Some helpful products could include braille smartwatches and specialised phones and tablets.

Independence can be empowering, and being safe at home encourages this. Assistive technologies can help live more independently, preventing mishaps if you are unable to smell gas or smoke, checking your wellbeing via security cameras, and easily or remotely controlling appliances through smart technology. Door, window, and smoke or air quality sensors are high on this list to create ease and safety in your home. Independence also means looking after your health, for which plenty of monitoring devices are available, some that even alert family members or loved ones if something has happened.

Assistive technologies can assist with rehabilitation and recovery, movement, getting help from loved ones, detecting falls, setting or sending reminders for appointments, taking medication, drinking, eating, and moving around. Assistive technologies can come in the form of wearables, like smartwatches, or sturdy mobility structures like walking frames, wheelchairs, scooters, walking canes, and walking stabilisers that eliminate falling.

Assistive technologies are beneficial for people with disability and their friends and families. They can create a sense of happiness and wellbeing through independence, encourage you to be productive and engaged, improve health by predicting and preventing accidents, and create peace of mind for family and carers.

For more information on how assistive technology can fit into your NDIS plan and if it is right for you, contact our team of Support Coordinators on 8375 2000.

Please note that assistive technology needs to meet the NDIS funding criteria before it can be included in your plan.

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