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Plants cultivated by Loxton Business Services

A talented crew of individuals is taking root in the horticulture industry, and their efforts are soon to blossom into a venture that will improve the look of our gardens while also creating jobs, helping people develop their skills, and strengthening the friendships among the Loxton Business Services employees.

A team of dedicated Orana employees, led by Fiona Schultz, the Business Operations Manager -South Region, is actively involved in caring for and cultivating a variety of plants ready for sale and distribution to the community.

We highly encourage visitors to stop by the Loxton site and purchase a beautiful and reasonably priced plant or two.

A key aspect of this business venture is the wide variety of plants available for sale. From vibrant flowers that add a burst of colour to any garden, to hearty succulents that thrive with minimal care, these plants are suitable for all levels of gardening expertise.

Every plant serves as a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication. With the highest care and attention, they have nurtured these plants, starting from tiny seedlings and transforming them into flourishing and vibrant specimens.

For plant availability and prices, contact Fiona on 8584 7819 or stop in at 5 Armstrong Avenue, Loxton.

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