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Decades of volunteering

Richard Draiska, a Netley Business Services employee, has led a full and eventful life as a volunteer paramedic and firefighter.

For the past 49 years, Richard has offered his support and expertise to the State Emergency Services. Volunteering since he was just 16, Richard has assisted South Australians across the state when and where he is needed.

Richard has received training in a variety of areas, including resuscitation techniques, equipment and incident training, and defibrillator use, among others, as part of his preparation as a paramedic or firefighter.

“I really enjoy being able to use my skills and abilities to help others in the community.”

Richard’s passion doesn’t just stop at volunteering. As a sports fanatic and past player, he notes that no one could catch him on the rugby field, and he was a whizz at basketball and soccer too.

Outside of volunteering, Richard is married to Monica, whom is also an employee at Orana’s Netley Business Services site. Together for over 40 years and married for just over 22, Richard and Monica have been working alongside each other for years.

Monica is also a volunteer, having volunteered at local schools and aged care homes since she was 18.

Richard recently transitioned from Ridleyton Business Services to Netley to rejoin Monica and the team, currently working in the oil bottling room.

Outside of work, the couple lives independently in their own home, enjoy listening to music together, and frequently take trips to explore Adelaide.

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