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Celebrating 73 years

On August 10th, Orana celebrated its 73rd year of supporting people with disability and striving to build a society that is inclusive and accessible to all.

We are thrilled to mark our 73rd anniversary, a remarkable milestone that only a few businesses have achieved. This landmark represents the collective efforts of our staff, employees, and volunteers, both past and present. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, including the original group of parents who founded the organisation, 73 years ago today.

Our long and distinguished history of supporting people with disability sets us apart. Since 1950, when a small group of progressive and visionary parents seeking opportunities for their children with intellectual disability met in Adelaide for a public meeting, Orana has grown and evolved alongside the disability sector to become one of SA’s largest and most reputable providers of disability services.

Our dedication lies in creating a society where people with disability are treated as equal citizens. We have actively contributed to improving disability support in Australia and increasing awareness about this important issue.

Over time, the approach to disability support has evolved from “care” to a more proactive approach of “supporting” individuals. This shift focuses on providing individuals with the essential skills they need to increase their independence, both as individuals and as valuable members of our community. This transition allowed us to move away from the concept of “caring for people” and instead embrace the idea of “supporting people”. This change aligns with our vision of “Creating opportunities for people with disability to live a life of their choice“.

We are honoured to carry on with our journey, driven by our ideal of a society where people with disability are fully integrated into our community.

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