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An Evening Under The Stars

Celebrating International Day of People With Disability!

After the inaugural celebration in 2019, An Evening Under The Stars returned on December 1st after a brief hiatus due to the impact of COVID-19.

The celebratory event, which took place at the historic Ayers House, provided an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate inclusivity. The evening was full of fun and a genuine sense of community spirit, and it certainly lived up to its promise.

Guests from across the state came together to celebrate and commemorate the International Day of People with Disability.

An Evening Under The Stars is more than just a ball; it’s a celebration of diversity, inclusiveness, and the potential that resides within each individual. Guests joined to celebrate the contributions of people with disability in our communities, workplaces, and societies.

Jim Lui, Chief Executive Officer, expresses the significance of this event as a platform for promoting inclusivity. ‘Events like An Evening Under the Stars are both rare and significant. At Orana, we’re proud to be the first organisation in South Australia to host an event of this kind, and we are committed to making it a memorable, inclusive celebration for everyone.’

Orana’s commitment to inclusiveness is not just an obligation; it is a fundamental part of our organisation, it is our guiding principle, embedded in the very fabric of who we are.

Orana believes that every person, irrespective of their abilities, can shine brightly and contribute to our shared human experience.
Orana’s mission has always been to create opportunities for individuals to excel, to learn, to grow, and to shine.

At our recent Evening Under the Stars Gala Ball, we embarked on taking important steps towards fulfilling that mission.

This event, on International Day of People with Disability, provided guests with a precious opportunity to reflect on the progress we’ve made in fostering an inclusive society, but also to acknowledge the work that still lies ahead. A day to celebrate the achievements of those who have overcome challenges, to recognise the strength that resides in diversity, and to recommit ourselves to breaking down barriers that still exist.

The event’s theme, An Evening Under the Stars, symbolises our shared journey to reach for the stars and achieve greatness together.
By embracing diversity, we reach new heights and create a world where everyone can fulfill their potential.

To celebrate the achievements of people with disability, each guest received a small but meaningful gift: a potted succulent. Orana clients in our Community Options programs lovingly painted and decorated each pot and saucer, and Orana employees propagated the succulents in Loxton.

Ryan Battersby and Josh Morpeth, the event MCs and Orana Ambassadors, took charge of this extraordinary event, captivating the audience with their unwavering confidence and magnetic charisma.

Orana Ambassador, Amanda Reilly, notes that celebrating disability is about seeing people’s abilities in a different way.

Adelaide-based band, Wild Side, took charge of the dance floor, captivating guests and keeping them on their feet throughout the night.
Thank you to all guests for attending this special event and for continuing to advocate and work toward a more inclusive society.

Our commitment to empowering, creating opportunities, and breaking down barriers for people with disability continues to grow as we celebrate as one community.

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