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All the big winners

There is no better way to celebrate and recognise the achievements of our clients and staff than with our Annual Client and Staff Awards.

Congratulations to all client award nominees and winners!

The Health and Wellness Award is presented to clients who demonstrated achievements in fitness or sporting programmes, made healthy lifestyle changes, contributed to educating or supporting others on their health and wellness journey, or successfully overcame a specific health condition or barrier.

Congratulations to the Health and Wellness Award recipient, Tanya Restall. Tanya has worked hard on her physical and mental strength and through determination and perseverance has managed to reduce the need for her arm brace, from requiring it almost 24/7 to now only needing it at night.

The Employment Award is presented to clients who demonstrate outstanding work attributes. These attributes include punctuality, reliability, and excellent attendance. Additionally, recipients of this award have shown the ability to learn new skills and successfully work on a variety of tasks. Furthermore, they have maintained a friendly and helpful demeanour towards their supervisors and co-workers.

Congratulations to the Employment Award winner, Monique Hentschke. Monique has been a part of the Orana team for 7 ½ years, and she consistently approaches her workdays with a friendly and helpful outlook. Monique consistently demonstrates a strong desire to expand her knowledge and acquire new skills, making her a valuable asset to the team.

The Skills Development Award is presented to clients who have made significant improvements in a specific area of their life or living skills, leading to an increase in their level of independence.

Congratulations to Mark Bond, the winner of the Skills Development Award. Mark has made considerable changes in his life, undertaking services in both Community Options and Business Services. Mark dedicated a significant amount of effort to his Ten Pin Bowling skills, resulting in his selection to represent Team SA at the Special Olympics Australia National Games. These games took place in October of last year, and Mark’s hard work paid off when he achieved an incredible accomplishment – winning a gold medal in the singles Ten Pin Bowling event.

Congratulations to all staff award nominees and winners!

The Client Champion Award is presented to a staff member who exceeds the expectations of their role in order to improve the quality of life for both Orana’s clients and employees.

Congratulations to Suzanne Romano, the winner of the Client Champion Award. Suzanne stepped in to assist one of Orana’s clients who spoke Italian, recognising the need for support. With a client-centered approach, she was able to establish a strong connection with the client’s family in a short amount of time.

Suzanne’s work with this client and their family has significantly improved the quality of care the client is receiving. It has successfully bridged a communication gap and resulted in increased freedom for both the client and their family.

The Impact Award is presented to a staff member that has made a significant impact on Orana and its clients.

Congratulations to Wayne Lethbridge, the winner of the Impact Award. Wayne demonstrated exceptional dedication by proactively checking on a staff member who failed to appear for their scheduled shift. His actions had a significant impact. Recognising that this behaviour was unusual for the staff member, Wayne decided to drive to their house. Upon arrival, he discovered that they had experienced a serious medical incident. Thanks to Wayne’s intervention, paramedics were called, and the staff member received life-saving assistance.

The Out of the Box Award is presented to a staff member who demonstrates innovation in their approach and consistently thinks outside of the box.

Congratulations to Mary McLennan, the Out of the Box Award winner. Mary presented with a client’s parent at a Special Education conference in Sydney. Her presentation focused on the research she conducted on The Implementation of the Inclusive Early Childhood Foundations Model for Self Determination, Through the Lens of a Parent.

The Behind the Scenes Award is presented to a staff member at Orana who has made a noteworthy contribution or improvement to the delivery of our services.

Congratulations to Neham Mills, the winner of the Behind The Scenes Award. Naham demonstrated strong leadership skills when the Manager of Whyalla was absent. He effectively managed operations, ensuring minimal disruption to Orana’s clients. Naham consistently demonstrates a willingness to assist others, even outside of his designated duty hours. He consistently goes above and beyond, exemplifying exceptional leadership qualities.

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