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Meet the Clare Brothers

Working with siblings is not for everyone, but for the Clare Brothers, it’s a dream come true.

Working together is an exciting part of coming in to Orana’s Netley Business Services site for Andrew, Anthony, Matthew and Thomas.

Each of the boys are currently working on different projects – Andrew is packaging and assembling universal spacers, Anthony and Thomas are building water sprinkler systems, and Matthew is assembling dollies for Schneider Electric.

When Thomas started working in 1999, he knew it was important for him to have his brothers working alongside him.

In-turn, Anthony began his job soon after in 2000, with Andrew and Matthew starting in August 2021.

“Since beginning at Orana, the Clare Brothers have been nothing but kind and helpful, they’re keen to try their hand at a number of different projects too.” Orana Netley Business Services Coordinating Supervisor, Andrew Roberts said.

In addition to employment, the boys have participated in some Developmental Education Programs, such as Cooking with Confidence, with Orana Client Development Coordinator, Kim Merchant.

Outside of work, Andrew, Anthony, Matthew, and Thomas, live with their mother, Mandi, and help her with laundry and other household tasks.

Andrew and Anthony have a special interest in gardening too, with a love for flowers and brightly coloured blooms.

It’s obvious that each of the boys have a love for sport, especially AFL, following the Adelaide Crows. Both Anthony and Andrew know the names of every player on any team, not just their own, as well who the captain is and who is out, injured.

The boys also have a billiards table at home and enjoy playing 8 ball and other pool games on a regular basis.

Weekends are spent with family and friends, participating in social outings, holidays, and activities. Each of the boys will be heading to Victor Harbor over the next few weekends to explore Granite Island and what the seaside town has to offer. The Clare Brothers will also be heading to Kangaroo Island, excited for the boat ride ahead.

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