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Creating inclusive communities with Volunteerability

]Volunteerability website is being officially launched today. The date was chosen to celebrate International Day of People with Disability (3rd Dec) and International Day of Volunteering (5th Dec) by providing a program that benefits the two groups.

Volunteering and disability organisations Orana Australia Limited, Volunteering South Australia and Northern Territory (SA&NT), Southern Volunteering SA, and Northern Volunteering SA joined forces to create a program that will support organisations to become more inclusive.

The program aims to create more inclusive communities by expanding organisational practices and growing opportunities for all volunteers in South Australia, including people with disability. It recognises volunteers’ value to our society by providing the tools for volunteers with disability and volunteering organisations to work together in a meaningful role.

The program will provide:

Volunteerability will be officially launched in early 2021. However, people are welcome to send their Expressions of Interest to participate.

If you would like to help create a more inclusive community, here is your chance to receive the support you need to start. Visit volunteerability.com.au to find out more about the program.

For any enquiries, please call Volunteerability on (08) 8375 2080 or message [email protected]

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