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Orana Client Awards Winners  

Orana’s Annual Client Awards are open to clients of Orana and Down Syndrome SA in recognition of their achievements; personally, at Orana and Down Syndrome SA, and in the community. Nominations were open until October 2020 from within the Orana and Down Syndrome SA community for the categories of Health and Wellness, Employment and Community Inclusion. These prestigious awards were announced and presented to the clients at their local service by Orana’s CEO, Nicholas Mihalaras. Winners and Runners Up from each category were awarded prizes to acknowledge their achievements. These clients were then eligible to be selected for the Client of the Year and Runner Up Client of the Year awards.

Orana is proud to announce the Client of the Year Award 2020 winner is Brian Prescott from Murray Bridge Business Services. In addition, congratulations to Client of the Year Award 2020 runner up Darren Munro from Netley Business Services.

Health and Wellness Award

Winner: Steven Connolly (Independent Living Services North Branch)
Steven has demonstrated accomplishment in achieving his goals in speech and writing. Steven had difficulty with word pronunciation and started attending speech therapy. Now Steven can read and pronounce most words and sentences. Steven has also started attending physio and hydrotherapy. He can now walk a longer distance than before without any assistance and is no longer needing to use his wheelchair.

Employment Award

Winner: Brian Prescott (Murray Bridge Business Services)
Brian is a valued member of the Murray Bridge team, particularly in the hard waste area where he answers phone calls, takes and processes bookings and coordinates pickups. In addition to this, Brian is able to assist in many areas of the business now that he has his wheelchair. He enjoys assisting others when they need help with their jobs and has a great mechanical knowledge, assisting supervisors as required to fix machinery which increases efficiency of the site and allows the supervisors more time for other aspects of their work.

Runner-Up: Vincent Calandro (Ridleyton Business Services)
Vincent is always punctual, reliable and friendly. Vincent has achieved his goal of working independently and assisting other employees, especially new people. Vincent was very shy and didn’t talk much, but now he has blossomed and is keen to talk to people he encounters. Vincent is respectful of all employees, staff and visitors. Vincent will offer to do other jobs to help out like taking out the rubbish, cleaning the kitchen and cutting up boxes for recycling.

Runner-Up: Darren Munro (Netley Business Services)
Darren is an employee who shows great loyalty and is willing to go beyond what is expected. There have been times at Netley Business Service olive oil area where he has volunteered to remain behind to help complete orders for our customers. During the COVID-19 crisis, when everyone was advised to not come into work and stay home to keep safe, Darren was devastated he was unable to work. He contacted Netley during his isolation and worked with the Capacity Building team to see if there was a way to return to work as he was missing everyone. Darren loves doing what he does and takes pride in his work.

Community Inclusion Award

Winner: Rebekah Bee (Orana Community Options – Port Augusta)
Rebekah volunteers a great deal in the Quorn Community. Every Tuesday, she volunteers at the Quorn Kindergarten where she plays with the children, reads to them, helps them at lunch time and assists during excursions. She helps to pack up the activities and the staff are very pleased with how well she tidies up throughout the time she is there. Rebekah has also been invited to attend staff meetings.

Over the last three years, Rebekah has been volunteering at the Quandong Care for two hours per week. Rebekah helps with washing dishes, putting them away and emptying the bins. She loves to receive her scone and hot chocolate once she is finished!

Rebekah has also volunteered at the Austral Hotel in Quorn washing dishes, putting them away and serving meals to customers.

Prior to attending Orana Community Options, Rebekah was volunteering at Subway where she washed dishes and prepared the salad ingredients. Rebekah is currently studying a Certificate II in Hospitality. She would like to improve her independent living skills and is aiming towards moving out of home and gaining employment.

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  • Slider 3 – Steven Connolly – Health and Wellness Award Winner

  • Slider 4 – Vincent Calandro – Employment Award Runner-Up

  • Slider 5 – Rebekah Bee – Community Inclusion Award Winner