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Celebrating 70 years!

Dressed in fabulous to funky green with big smiles across the rooms, everyone came together to mark the iconic milestone of 70 years of Orana supporting people with disability and working towards creating a more inclusive society for all on the 10th of August 2020.

This landmark represents the fruits of the labours made by all our past and present staff, employees and volunteers dating back to the founding group of parents.

We have a long and proud history of supporting people with disability. From our humble beginnings where a small group of progressive and visionary parents seeking opportunities for their children with intellectual disability met at a public meeting in Adelaide in 1950, to becoming one of SA’s largest and respected disability service providers, Orana has evolved and developed along with the disability sector over the past 70 years.

Today Orana has grown to an organisation with around 650 clients and approximately 300 staff making Orana one of South Australia’s premier disability providers. Orana staff and employees gathered for a brief moment in our respective services around the state to remember this anniversary milestone. Our 70th anniversary in 2020, the year of COVID-19 will certainly be remembered in future decades and celebrations.

All Orana locations hosted either a morning tea or lunch to celebrate our special day with a competition for the best-dressed site, decorated with green balloons, streamers, huge 70 balloons and signs, green food and drinks, BIG CAKES, Orana logo cakes and finally even Orana green donuts!!! This was a glorious day that brought together everyone who makes Orana what it is today. Orana staff, employees, clients, volunteers were all happy to be a part of the important 70-year milestone.

It was a day to remember all the people from the past 70 years who have worked tirelessly, contributing to creating an everlasting change to the disability sector. For people with disability, their families and the community Orana has and continues to create many opportunities for people with disability and holds space for an inclusive society for all where we are dedicated to our vision of a society where people with disability are equal citizens. We have played an active role in improving awareness and progressing the nature of disability support in Australia.

Nick Mihalaras, Orana’s CEO, opened Netley’s morning tea with some well-meaning words about the relevance of the day, reaching our 70-year anniversary and how far Orana has grown. Nick brought it back to where it all began in 1950 with some trivia that only a few people in the room would remember the tail end of these facts through their parents. 

A large number of photos and videos were sent in from the various celebrations and it was evident that there was a lot of fun and good spirit shown on the day. Nick, CEO was asked to select a winning service on the effort placed to celebrate the anniversary. Nick expressed, “it was an extremely difficult call to make as there were so many great photos. However, a decision had to be made and I am pleased to announce Para Hills West is the prize winner for the site that came up with the most festive way to celebrate our special day. Loxton coming second by a whisker! Congratulations to all who contributed and celebrated on the day!”

The site winner Para Hills West held a pizza day for all staff!

You can check out some of our celebratory photos below and for the full slides of each location please click here.

Orana would like to give a very special thank you to:

– All staff, volunteers and customers. Thank you for your continued commitment to Orana and the vital support you provide to our clients and employees and for taking part in the celebration. Overall what a fantastic day across the state.

– All our clients and employees. Without you, Orana would cease to exist. We are proud to support you.

Here’s to the next 70 years continuing on our journey, driven by the vision of a society where people with disability are a part of our mainstream society.

If you would like to see Orana’s growth from 1950 to today please follow us on our social media channels:




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