Life Skills Support

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Orana supports people with disability to exercise choice and control over decisions that affect their daily living.

Our Life Skills Support service encourages independence, supporting you to make choices in your everyday life and to participate in the day-to-day activities of your home.

Orana adopts a person-centred approach to develop individualised support plans that focus on your needs and wellbeing. It is about helping you take control, making choices and deciding what is important for you. Each support plan is tailored to provide you with the skills to enable you to live the most independent life you can. Our services operate in partnership with you and your family or guardian.

Orana strongly believes in empowering you to learn and maintain skills for life and support you to live as independently as possible.

Support with Daily Activities

Orana staff are committed to developing and supporting you to develop self-help and daily living skills. Daily living skills cover a range of areas and includes learning how to cook, shopping, communication, social skills, problem solving and money management. Support can also be provided in-home or in a shared environment. Developing daily living skills can increase capacity and independence.

Orana is able to assist you with hobbies around the home such as gardening or maintaining a vegetable patch. We encourage any skills that may assist you in furthering your experience and enjoyment of life.

Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Our Developmental Educators are experienced in developing individual Positive Behaviour Support Plans and providing training to address behaviours of concern. Positive behaviour support plans are developed holistically with the person, and key stakeholders are also involved in the process. Orana’s positive behaviour support plans focus on identifying strategies to increase choice and control, teach replacement behaviour, and to reduce behaviours of concern. Orana also provides visual tools and an Easy-English or pictorial version of the plan for the person.

Support Coordination

Orana provides Support Coordination to help you navigate through the NDIS and link you with a variety of service providers to meet your goals. Our support coordinators provide you with opportunities to make choices and decisions about who provides your support and how they do this. Support Coordinators can also help you to understand your budget for each support type, negotiate with service providers, and help prepare you for your next NDIS planning meeting.


As a client, Orana, is committed to safe guarding your rights and needs. We will act as your advocate and investigate and report on any issues in accordance with legislation and Orana procedures. Our advocacy does not stop there. With our knowledge of disability services and resources nationally, and in particular in South Australia we are able to effectively negotiate and promote your particular needs.

Our staff liaise with internal and external agencies involved with your support with a view to co-ordinating service delivery and developing effective linkages relevant to the achievement of your individual support or vocational plan.

Assistance with Transport

Getting out and about can be hard sometimes. Catching public transport to go to and from work or to visit family and friends can be confusing and a little scary.

Orana staff are able to increase your independence through public transport training by helping you to learn public transports routes and community transport options.

Personal Care

Orana’s qualified staff can assist you with the daily personal tasks that you may require assistance with, such as getting ready for the day, showering and grooming. There are a number of factors that may affect the amount of support you need, such as your age, your ability to help out and the level of informal support you receive from your family.

We can help to assess any risk associated with these supports and put in place safeguards. We will also work to build your skills, where possible, to improve your independence and ability to take control of your life.

Nutrition Support

Providing you with all the information you need to make healthy food choices is an important role for Orana staff. Dieticians are consulted when required and healthy cooking classes are arranged for people interested in attending.

Health and Wellbeing

Orana is committed to assisting you and your family deal with the impact of illness and change and to achieve maximum benefits from disability services.

We do this by co-ordinating with Orana’s occupational therapist and psychologist services to improve client behaviour, health, wellbeing and daily living capabilities.

Our staff participate in assessments, medical management interventions, initiation and coordination of occupational and/or psychological interventions and the use of specialised resources for clients as required.

Access to Community Activities

Whether you are an Orana resident, or living independently, Orana will support you to do the things you want to do.

Orana provides access to a wide selection of meaningful activities through its alliances with community groups, local councils and sporting organisations to assist you to learn new skills, have fun and make new friends.

Orana’s Community Inclusion and Recreation Officer supports you to access the type of activities that you would like to participate in, helping you to increase your independence and are better connected within your community.