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Who is Wally?


Wally is a grandfather to Orana employee Jason Spackman. A retired gentleman, Wally along with his wife Lorraine, have taken care of Jason since he was a young boy. Wally has a strong community minded focus and supported other disability groups over the years. Wally is a Justice of Peace making himself available regularly to the public at the Murray Bridge Council Chamber.

Wally began supporting Orana when Jason started working at Orana’s Murray Bridge Business Service in February 2018. He has been an active volunteer on the Murray Bridge ‘Friends of Orana’, assisting when and where he can.

Wally shared his thoughts on the contribution he makes to Orana, “happy to help Orana, I enjoy coming in and feeling valued. It gets me out of the house doing something I enjoy, working with metal and welding”.

Brian Bartel, Orana Murray Bridge Business Manager expressed, “Wally is always only a phone call away and eager to help when something needs to be repaired or built. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with metal, will design and make valuable equipment that would have cost far too much to get made by an engineering company. Everyone at Murray Bridge, both staff and employees, value Wally’s contribution and support”.

Some of Wally’s projects at Orana:

  • Helps cook the BBQ held for employees, which is one-two times a year
  • Made several repairs on trailers
  • Designed and built 3 x Kindling Loader/Tippers
  • Designed and fitted a metal slide on Multi Rip Saw to allow cut timber to fall into catchment box
  • Designed and built Box Tipper (based on Onion Box Tipper) for Kindling Manufacture section which tips large amounts timber offcuts onto a sorting table. The Box Tipper has provided significant efficiency gains and most importantly, improved ergonomics and safety of employees bending over and stretching into boxes to pull out timber.

To summarise, Wally is one of those extraordinary people you know who would do anything to benefit our employees at Murray Bridge Orana. Wally is absolutely an amazing and extremely generous man with a heart of gold. Wally is a champion and much loved by everyone! Thank you for your contribution to Orana. We are eternally grateful.