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Volunteerability has been extremely busy in recent months. As the end of the year approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on the year that was. There have been some changes, including new and exciting opportunities that have resulted in greater success for the program. We’ve done a lot of great work this year and are excited to see what the year 2022 has in store for us.

COVID-19 Implications

Covid-19 is still having an impact on our progress, such as forcing us to cancel some sessions. We will continue to follow SA Health and government directives, as well as collaborate with all professionals, to ensure that everyone is supported and safe. Some of these changes include working to digitise some of our information sessions to enable contact-free inclusion, as well as meeting individually rather than in groups to reduce exposure and provide more tailored support.


There are now 40 people in the programme who have applied for or begun meaningful volunteer work. Among these roles are:

  • Theatre and sound production 
  • Garden design and maintenance
  • Administration
  • Aged Care
  • Sporting groups
  • Op Shops
  • Bicycle repair for charity
  • Advocacy and public speaking

Ten of Orana’s Life Education participants are also involved in this program and are in the process of completing the necessary checks in a joint initiative with Meal on Wheels to have inclusive delivery of their meals. They are all excited to begin this venture in the new year.

Disability Awareness Sessions

Volunteerability continues to deliver disability awareness sessions to a variety of organisations, including our final public session of the year at Woodcroft, which was standing room only and had a waitlist! Our current focus is on organisations, councils, and volunteer groups, with additional public sessions being planned for next year—details will be announced soon.

Volunteerability was invited to present four disability awareness sessions to the entire year 10 cohort at Scotch College to help them prepare for volunteering. The students were very interested and asked insightful questions. The presentation was tailored to the younger age group by including more young people’s profiles and using real-world examples of younger clients to frame situations in a more accessible and relatable manner. These sessions were a resounding success, and we are excited about the new opportunities that have opened for us in helping to make a more accessible future by introducing awareness to youth who are about to enter the world outside of school for the first time.

Our disability awareness sessions are free and open to any volunteer or community member interested in gaining confidence, skills, and knowledge to increase inclusion for people with disability in a variety of community settings, particularly volunteering.

Meet our new Co-Facilitator

A warm welcome to our new co-facilitator, Maria Pastrinostro! Maria joined us in November and assisted with the delivery of her first Disability Awareness session at Scotch College.

Maria lives with her two adult children, Cara and Frankie, and is from a close Italian family that values food, music, and family. She enjoys going to the theatre, meeting new people, and learning about them, and she is passionate about fairness and justice in the community.

Maria has worked in a variety of fields throughout her career, most recently with Uniting SA on their Pathways to Multicultural Access and Participation in the NDIS Project. She continues to support CALD communities by assisting and guiding carers and families living with disability through the NDIS application process.

Maria will be sharing her experience as a person living with Scleroderma, an Autoimmune Disease. With this lived experience, she can share and teach the community about how to improve everyone’s lives by raising disability awareness, being inclusive, and supporting people on their volunteer journey.

Volunteerability expands regionally

Volunteerability began their regional road trip in September, travelling to the Barossa and Hahndorf for a series of awareness raising activities, beginning with attendance at the Feros Care All-Inclusive Employment Expo. We played a fantastic game with a large foam dice to help us get started on the life-changing question, “What do I want to do?” The game was very popular and engaging, and it has also joined us at a few other events!

In late November, we travelled to the Barossa Council to present the Disability Awareness session to volunteers from the council and the Barossa Village aged care home. It was a fantastic session that received a lot of positive feedback, including:

“Thankyou. It’s fantastic to have access to a community resource that promotes greater awareness of how we can increase equity for people with disability.” Participant in a Disability Awareness Session


In November, Volunteerability had the honour of attending the Festival of Inclusion in the scenic and picturesque township of Hahndorf. It was fascinating to hear the guest speakers and to have the opportunity to network, ask questions, and share our vision.

Expos, networking opportunities and events!

Expos and networking events have been plentiful in recent months, attending a variety of them, including:

– Positive Futures Expo

– All-inclusive expo

– Festival of Inclusion

– Disability, Ageing and Lifestyle Expo 2021

Celebrate with Orana BBQ – Red Fairy surprise!

In November, Ash and Rachel from Volunteerability assisted with the Celebrate with Orana BBQ event at the Soldiers Memorial Gardens. Ash, a creative hobbyist, came dressed as a Red Fairy and did some hand painting in a covid friendly manner using her face-painting skills.

What’s next?

The need for volunteers is constant, and inclusion is an important conversation that must continue, to help reduce and remove the barriers that prevent people with disability from volunteering. As the year 2021 comes toa close, Volunteerability remains committed to assisting volunteers and organisations in creating volunteer opportunities for people with disability. Volunteering has always been and will continue to be an important part of our communities, organisations, and economies.

Together with our partners, Northern Volunteering and Southern Volunteering, we enter 2022 with excitement and enthusiasm, ready to seize, create, and offer new opportunities in and around our communities in the hope of a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

If you are interested in engaging Volunteerability for support, we would love to hear from you! Contact us on 8375 2080 or email