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Vincent extends his appreciation 

Vincent has been working at Orana Ridleyton Business Services for 10 years. On Thursday the 18th of June, Ridleyton held their Annual Service Award Presentations. Orana’s Annual Service Awards are held at each Orana location to celebrate the major milestones employees and staff members have achieved with a presentation and visit from the CEO.

Nicholas Mihalaras, CEO of Orana introduced Vincent who has been with Orana for 10 years. Vincent works in the Nova area. He likes to clean in the kitchen after breaks on Mondays and if people are absent. He loves cars and has a lot of knowledge of makes and models. Vincent has a great sense of humour, likes to help others at work personally and professionally, is always punctual and loves his job. Vincent is very family orientated and speaks of his parents and siblings fondly.

Vincent received a framed Certificate of Service Award for 10 years of service with Orana for June 2020, a signed letter from Nick and a Coles Myer Gift Voucher.

After the Service Awards Presentation, Vincent wrote a thank you letter to Nick. Suyasa, Vincent’s Client Development Coordinator helped him mail the letter out to Nick.

Nick expressed, “Every year I visit the Orana sites across the state and I present approximately 100 – 120 service awards. These awards are presented to employees and staff that have worked with the organisation for a minimum period of five and then at subsequent five year intervals i.e. 10, 15, 20 and up to 50 years. I have enjoyed this part of my job over the last 12 years as it provides me with the opportunity to visit services, meet staff across the organisation that I may not see often, present them with a Certificate and Gift Voucher and share a short story about their service with their workmates. In the 12 years I have been performing this role, I was pleasantly surprised last week when I received a letter through the internal mail from Vincent thanking me for presenting him with the 10 Year Certificate and a Gift Voucher a week earlier at his place of employment at Ridleyton.

I must say, after more than 2,000 presentations over the years, this was the first time someone has extended such appreciation. I felt very touched by the gesture and it reminded me of the reason why I have enjoyed my role as the CEO of Orana over the last 12 years”.


A day in the life of Vincent at Orana:

My brother drops me off to work in his car.

The type of work I do at Orana is pack bow wow dog treats, clean the kitchen on Mondays and I use the computers.

I like working at Orana and interacting with people.

I get to see my friends at work.

I like the staff here they are nice.

I buy my lunch at the food truck.

On Tuesday I like going to Vocational Education because I learn about healthy choices and fire safety. I enjoy the computers with Su.

I recently had lots of fun at the 70th birthday celebration! The food was great!

In my spare time I play tennis, I like using my computer to search on the internet and I play the guitar.

My favourite questions are around cars – I absolutely love cars!


Please have a look at the photos below. You will see Vincent with Nick, the thank you note written to Nick by Vincent and Vincent organising the bow wow dog treats for packing.

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