Go back to the groovy 60s and support people living with disability.


Orana’s 60s Trivia Night

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Singing, showing some groovy moves and flaunting their 60s knowledge, guests enjoyed of a fun night at the Orana’s 60s Trivia Night on Friday 11th August 2017, at Fullarton Park Community Centre.

Classic 60s tunes spurred the group of more than a hundred participants on throughout the night, while they raised vital funds in support of people living with disability, through the silent auction, giant chocolate raffle and at the bar.

It was great to see how much effort and enthusiasm people put into their 60s costumes!

Congratulations to the raffle, silent auction, best costume and trivia winners:

1st place – 50s & 60s Social Group – 132 Points

2nd place – Peace Corp – 127 Points

3rd place – The Twisters – 126 Points

Thanks to all the volunteers, venue staff and the Orana team for helping to make this a wonderful 60s Trivia Night.

A special thanks to our sponsors Bickford’s, Coopers, Kingston Estate Wines, Pernod Ricard Australia,Rapid Relief Team, Charlesworth Nuts, Sanity,Golden North Ice Cream, Utopia @ Waterfall Gully  and the South Australian Museum, for their invaluable support leading to the success of the Trivia Night.

Thanks to our MC, Sav Politis, for his enthusiasm and for making this, such a fun evening for all involved.

We look forward to seeing you at Orana’s Trivia Night next year!

Save the date: Friday 10th August 2018.


Fullarton Park Community Centre

411 Fullarton Road

Contact Details

Xiomara Ruiz

T 08 8375 2000


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