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The strength of South Australian companies working together

Since December 2020, Australia’s Finest has teamed up with Orana to package a range of South Australian cheeses, condiments and soon chocolates. Thanks to the support from Food SA, by linking both Australia’s Finest and Orana to help with the process of labelling and packaging, it has created a dynamic operation. Products are shipped to various distribution centres throughout Australia, including Coles and Independent Stores.

Dairy produced local
Australia’s Finest is very dynamic in what they do. A primary focus of Australia’s Finest is to showcase signature lines from Australian producers sold under Australia’s Finest Brand.

Another unique inclusion is to provide a solution for The South Australian Dairy Association (in support of South Australia Dairy Farmers) and including other key brands by cutting and packing cheese.

Australia’s Finest also works with another company to process a wide range of cheese distributed to independent stores nationally.

What happens at Orana Netley Business Services?

A team of five Australia’s Finest staff and eight Orana employees work together to cut, cryovac, package and label the above lists of food products ready for distribution.
There are two portable Food Grade shipping containers set at 10°C where all staff work. The type of tools and machinery used are cheese cutters, Cryovac machine (that seals the cheese into a plastic sleeve), scales and labellers.

Station one is where the cutting, cryovacing, weighing and quality control happens. Three to four staff are positioned at different stations. Staff positions are one cutter, one to two baggers and one cryovacer.

Station two is where one staff and two employees label the cheese with the product type, nutritional information and best before date and pack the cheese into boxes with a flyer and or product list ready to be sent to the supermarkets.

Orana Netley Business Service employees expressed what they think of the type of work at Australia’s Finest:

Ryan revealed, “this work is fun, I am learning labelling cheeses/boxes, which is different from the other jobs I do”.

Chris said, “this is a new job experience for me, and I am enjoying putting the stickers on for customers. I am practising my attention to detail skills”.

Stephen, CEO of Innovative Links, expressed, “the flexibility is great at Orana; working with other businesses is very helpful”.

As Australia’s Finest grow, Orana employees are helping them in areas such as labelling and boxing to speed up the process and for Australia’s Finest staff to concentrate in other areas to keep up with the demand. Cheese cut by Australia’s Finest is available at leading retailers in South Australia and also Nationally.

When you purchase Australia’s Finest and South Australian Dairy Association products, you are supporting people with disability to have a variety of work opportunities here in South Australia.

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