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The Spencer Sprites at the Tri State Games

This year, the Tri State Games were held in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield during the second week of November and the Spencer Sprites made a statement entrance to the week-long competition.

Billie, Maureen, Tony, Mark, Jack, Caitlen, Andrea and Jane were supported by their families, friends and Orana staff from Port Augusta to participate in the 2018 games.

They all had a great time not only competing on the field but making new friends with people that visited from New South Wales and Victoria. After a fun day at Semaphore Foreshore for the athlete street parade and welcome event, they all had a blast at the opening night festivities. They enjoyed a nice dinner, before showing off great dance moves at the Festival Function Centre in Findon.

It was a great opportunity for all the athletes to compete in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports.

Congratulations to all the athletes and their families for their outstanding efforts raising funds through organised lotteries and collecting donations from local clubs, the local council, friends and family in preparation for their trip from Port Augusta to Adelaide.

Thanks to the Orana staff that have supported and encouraged the athletes over the past years, encouraging healthy lifestyles and fitness building.

We look forward to seeing you next year at the games!

*The Tri State Games started in 1986 and is an annual sporting competition for adult athletes with a disability living in SA, NSW and Victoria. The annual event includes participation in soccer, tee ball, lawn bowls, croquet, bocce, basketball, cricket, athletics track and field, swimming, darts, 8 ball, table tennis, quoits, target throws and putting. Around 300 athletes compete in Tri State Games each year.

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