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The Inclusive Volunteering Project

Orana is excited to announce we are working in partnership with Volunteering SA&NT, Southern Volunteering SA and Northern Volunteering SA on the Inclusive Volunteering Project, a project aimed and creating a more inclusive community for people with disability by supporting the inclusiveness of volunteers and Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIO). 

In 2019, Orana approached Southern Volunteering SA with an initial idea for the project and collaboration. From there Southern Volunteering SA were able to bring on board our other project partners, Volunteering SA&NT and Northern Volunteering SA. By working together as a consortium we have recently been successful in securing funding for the project for three years through the ILC Community Inclusion Capacity Development program, funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency. 

Volunteers are a critical part of community life, with 900,000 people volunteering their time regularly in South Australia alone. Volunteers provide support to the community in almost all facets of life, from sporting clubs to cultural services and all ages from children and youth through to aged care. By working together with volunteers and VIOs we are able to focus on increasing the disability awareness and understanding of the volunteering community which in turn will influence the wider community to be more inclusive of people with disability.

Over three years, the Inclusive Volunteering Project will develop and provide disability awareness training to volunteers and VIOs across South Australia, develop a toolkit of resources to better support people with disability in volunteer roles and also recruit and maintain a team of volunteer buddies who will support the placement of approximately 120 volunteers with disability at VIOs.

Further updates on the project will be provided as the project is rolled out and we look forward to working together with our project partners Volunteering SA&NT, Southern Volunteering SA and Northern Volunteering SA and the volunteering community on this wonderful project.