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Thank you to Variety

On behalf of Orana and Down Syndrome SA, a very big thank you to Variety SA for their continual support in the form of a three year grant. Due to this funding support, Orana families in rural South Australia can access subsidised services for their children for early intervention and for school support. As part of this service, our consultant was able to link two rural families together to share experiences and friendship.

Hannah and Emily aged 10 and 11 years old with Down syndrome live two hours apart. They are the only children with a significant disability in their communities. They have now been introduced to each other to provide an understanding that they belong to a larger community of people with Down syndrome. The girls can see that there are other people ‘like me’. The photo shows the success of that first meeting. With more catching up and recently a sleep over, it has become a supportive friendship. Both families have indicated that they also enjoy the support they can provide to each other.