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Striking at Pt Pirie

Lisette has been working at Orana for more than 20 years. Supported by the Orana Port Pirie team, Lizzie, as her friends call her, has been working on her social and personal skills through employment and recreation opportunities in the Mid North.

Lizzie participated in the Special Olympics National Games in Adelaide last year and took home a handful of medals.

She has been enjoying her time striking more achievements at the Bowling Club in Port Pirie, meeting new people, making friends, getting out and about and encouraging others to follow their passion for 10-pin bowling.

Last April, Lizzie competed in the sport at the Master Games and won three gold medals. She showcased her bowling skills while succeeding in singles, doubles and triples competitions.

She could not believe what she was able to achieve and after all the 10-pin excitement, she was overwhelmed with emotion and pride, even shedding some tears of joy with friends.

Lizzie is currently supported by Orana developing her skills through the Capacity Building programs, assisting her to become more confident, independent and live a life of her choosing.

Chloe, Donna, Andrew, Michael, Jamie, Daryl, Steven, Sam, David and some other employees at Port Pirie have been also participating in the Life Out Loud (LOL), Safety in the Community and Social Skills Capacity Building programs. They have been developing their personal and social skills through these forums, as well as participating in recreational activities where they are cheered on by their Orana Supervisors and Client Coaches.

A group of them attended the bowling competitions at the Master Games. Familiar faces from Orana Port Pirie were there to encourage them after also supporting them through their training and preparations. Everyone walked away from the event proud of their achievements.

The Orana Port Pirie group of bowlers played with great team spirit. Together they trained, packed and organised their daily routines at the event, while they also attended social activities and met new friends from interstate. The time they’ve spent together at work as well as socially has seen them become like family to each other.

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