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Strengthening opportunities

Inspired by their recent participation in Orana’s Health and Well-being programs, clients from Orana Accommodation Services expressed their interest in joining their local gym.

After speaking with their families, Shane, Joel, Admir and Geoff, supported by Orana, now visit the gym to work out and get fit.

Dave, the Manager and Chris and Tara, Personal Trainers at Jetts Gym Everard Park have been very welcoming helping the guys enjoy their tailored program, making the sessions both fun and active.

They engage in group activities for core and strengthening exercises and also use the cardio machines, treadmill, rower and recumbent bikes. To support the clients to be more comfortable with their program, they are being slowly and safely introduced to all activities, cardio and weight machines. They are being supported by their Client Coaches and the Personal Trainer when needed.

Surprisingly, lifting weights and stretching hasn’t been the only goal for the guys. They have also taken advantage of the social and community inclusion opportunities that the gym offers to them. They had been working on losing weight while gaining lots of new friends.

Orana staff have supported them as well with keeping track of their workout progress and encouraging them towards healthier eating habits.

Thanks to the assistance of their Orana Client Coaches, the gym has kindly offered an ongoing deal for Orana clients to receive generous membership rates and Personal Training deals. (Yes, if you are an Orana client, feel free to speak with our friends from Jetts Gym Everard Park about it!)

The guys are enjoying their training sessions so much and working hard to meet their goals. Well done guys! Keep up the good work! We look forward to cheering you on your next challenge.

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