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Spotlight on, Jessica Divola

Being a part of a community is about more than just having a place to live; it is about the genuine connections and interactions we have with those around us. And it’s a privilege for Jessica Divola to work in a community that supports people from all walks of life.

Jess works as a Client Coach at Orana’s Clarence Park Supported Independent Living facility, Amaroo. Each morning, Amaroo is alive with activity as the day’s routines begin, and with 20 clients spread across four homes, it can become a hub of energy.

“I usually work mornings in house one, supporting eight clients, all wonderful and unique in their own way,” Jess says. “We have many different personalities and various support needs.”

After initially studying to work with children with disability, Jess quickly discovered her passion in working with adults in the sector, where she felt her assistance was more needed. She now works with adults with disability, supporting them with everything from personal care to cooking. “The Amaroo team is fantastic at supporting all clients and providing very holistic care,” Jess says.

Most days at Amaroo are filled with laughter, shared experiences, music, and a lot of love and appreciation.

“I love seeing the gems within each day… all milestones are important, and I love being a part of that journey.”

Data Integrity Officer, Olivia Downey, has said that observing Jess in the workplace makes it clear that her passion, positivity, and helpfulness brighten the lives of clients living at Amaroo.  Appreciation for Jess is shared across the organisation, having recently been awarded Client Champion and Staff Member of the Year for 2021.

Olivia Downey, Data Integrity Officer, stated that observing Jess in the workplace demonstrates that her passion, positivity, and helpfulness brighten the lives of Amaroo clients. Jess is well-respected by her colleagues, having recently been named Client Champion and Staff Member of the Year for 2021.

Each of these awards demonstrates Jess’s dedication, passion, and enthusiasm for her role at Orana.

When asked how she feels about receiving this recognition, she says she is elated and humbled.

“It was an overwhelming experience and I felt very privileged to receive the awards. It is definitely an accomplishment I am most proud of.”

Jess believes there is still more she can do in the disability sector after making an incredible contribution to helping many people live their best lives. Jess is a strong supporter of not only clients, but also other staff members, and she hopes to see more staff training across the industry in particular in the development of positive behaviour management strategies.

In terms of the future, Jess hopes to continue to have an impact on her clients’ happiness and development.

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