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Splashing in the summer time

Summer doesn’t mean being locked at home under the air-con for Admir, Meredith, Jamie and Leslie. Supported by Orana Accommodation Services, they have been enjoying outdoor activities that include some regular exercising by the pool. They have also enjoyed spending the hot days by the sea cooling off with their mates.

Working towards a healthier and more active lifestyle, Admir expressed his interest in swimming and has become a regular at the Marion Outdoor Pool, displaying his talents. Admir had extensive lessons as a child, so with just a little bit of training, he has regained confidence jumping into the water and executing all swimming styles, regularly seen doing laps at the outdoor facility. Supported by Selena his Client Coach to attend the Marion Outdoor Pool, Admir says he feels very free in the pool and enjoys the physical activity of swimming, which provides him with the benefits of exercise as well as a general feeling of health and well-being. Selena always swims with Admir, but admits he can certainly swim laps around her as he is extremely talented and fast!

Meredith has also been a regular at Marion Outdoor Pool for many years, since a child.  Orana staff continue to support Meredith in her enjoyment of this activity, and see the rewards that she receives from this, such as relaxation and the social opportunity to spend time in the community.  Meredith often takes a picnic on the weekend and spends the day swimming, socialising and enjoying a day out. She is being supported by Orana to work towards healthier eating habits. She and Amir just recently joined the gym and are keeping weekly track of their progress.

Orana clients have also been spending quality time at the beach this summer. After the weekly grocery shop supported by Orana staff, Jamie and Leslie have spent endless days at the beach, watching the sun go down, whilst relaxing in the cool water on one of this summer’s exceptionally hot days. Jamie has grown up in the country on the river, so he had not actually been in the ocean since he was a teenager. He really enjoyed how relaxing it is to spend time at the beach with friends.

The benefits of water therapy, in its many forms, are well known, and these particular clients will definitely vouch for that.  They are supported by Orana to partake in these activities as it provides them with socialisation, physical and fitness opportunities, as well as a general feeling of wellbeing.  Good on you guys! Keep up the good laps!

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