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Special Olympics Tenpin Bowling Winner

Michele has been working at Orana’s Netley Business Service for 34 years where she has learnt to perform a variety of jobs.

During her spare time, Michele loves to play tenpin bowling. She has become very good in her hobby, reaching competition level. She practices every Saturday with her team called “The North East Strikers”.

Recently, Michele competed at the Special Olympics Port Pirie Regional Tenpin Bowling Tournament at Bowland Port Pirie on the 19th and 20th of October. Michele was a part of the “Northern Brave” bowling team and won 2nd place on the Saturday and 3rd place on the Sunday.
Michele had her Mum and Dad cheering on the sidelines, watching and supporting her.

Michele said, “I was excited to play at the competition! I will play again and try to get 1st place”.

Well done Michele! Congratulations on your achievement and keep up the great strikes!

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