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Shaun’s Story

Shaun Wilkinson is legally blind and usually shares his home with one other housemate, but there is currently a vacancy. Because he lives in a group home, the two guys who live next door frequently pay him visits and catch up over barbeques. 

Shaun is skilled at communicating his requirements. He is unable to read or write due to his disability, but he excels at reading braille. Shaun’s mobility is limited, so he relies on a walker to get around the house and for short distances outside. Staff members assist Shaun in guiding the walker when they are walking in an unfamiliar environment.

Shaun is a very outgoing individual. He enjoys telling jokes and making people laugh. Shaun likes socialising and reminiscing about the past and has the resources he needs to maintain his social networks.

Shaun enjoys chatting with staff and playing games such as zilch, monopoly, dominoes, and card games. He also enjoys going bowling weekly, as well as gaming arcades and pokies. Shaun has recently enjoyed a relaxing vacation taking in the scenery.

Shaun is always looking for ways to help Orana, so he keeps track of his change and donates it when it reaches a certain amount.

Shaun’s Service Manager, Mike Dolman, ensures that he has the resources he needs to live his best life, visiting Shaun a couple of times a week to see how he is and to listen to one of his many interesting stories and jokes.

Thank you for your kind and generous donations, Shaun.

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