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Semaphore weekend getaway

February was host to a few events, but none were as exciting as our weekend getaways. 24 campers had the opportunity to have fun in the sun at Adelaide Beachfront Discovery Parks at Semaphore Beach over two weekends.

Orana weekend getaways are held a few times a year and are a fantastic opportunity for people with disability to encounter new experiences, reconnect with old friends, and participate in shared activities aimed at developing life skills.

“Weekend getaways are always fun and have everyone laughing; it allows clients to step outside of their comfort zone to try or learn something new,” says Amy Sherpa, Holiday Coordinator.

Semaphore’s white sandy beach and colourful foreshore make for an unforgettable weekend experience. On Saturday, campers took part in mini-golf, scavenger hunts, swimming, outdoor sports, and, most memorably, a high-flying aerial Adelaide Fringe show.

Campers visited Adelaide Zoo on Sunday thanks to a generous donation from Adelaide’s Incognito Café. Campers were filled with excitement as they toured the zoo, that was full of colour, and over 2,500 unique animals.

First time participant, Darren, said “I felt a bit nervous at first but was happy at the end.”

“It was a great holiday, I like the mini golf, the Fringe show and the zoo was good too.”

Many campers have been attending Orana weekend getaways for years, so it’s often a great opportunity to catch up with friends and spend a weekend together.

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