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Redeveloping premium disability homes in Northern Adelaide

Orana is excited to announce that we have embarked on a major redevelopment project in the northern Adelaide suburbs. The vision for this redevelopment will see the property at 15A Para Street Salisbury transform into four separate homes to accommodate people with disability.

The Para Street site will feature one four-bedroom home at the front of the property and three two bedroom homes at the rear of the land. Sterling Homes who has been successful in obtaining the building contract, has commenced the redevelopment, with demolition of the existing property taking place in August. The new homes will be built to a very high Disability Standard to suit a broad range of disability needs.

The new homes will accommodate ten people, seven of which are current Orana clients residing presently at Broadview.

Rebecca, Susan C, Glenda, Debbie, Susan P, Helen, Colleen and their families are very excited that they will be moving into the newly built homes. A few Orana residents shared how they feel about moving into their new homes:

‘’I am feeling excited and looking forward to moving into the new home with new bedroom, new bathroom, wider doors and easy access with my walker. No more banging during the night. I am excited to have more friends and do activities together’’.
Susan C.

‘’I am very excited to have a new home and a nice new room that’s quiet during the night and is away from the traffic to allow me to sleep better’’.

‘’I am very happy and excited moving into my new home soon with everything new. I am so happy’’.

‘’I can’t wait to move into my new home to have a bigger room, bathroom, wider doors and flat surface to easily access with my walker, especially during the night. Thank you to people for making this happen. We have been waiting for a long time and my housemate and I are very excited’’.

It is proposed the new development will be complete in early 2021.

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