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Ready for the Road

John has become one of the first employees to obtain his learner’s permit as a participant of Orana’s Preparing for L’s Capacity Building program.

After unsuccessful attempts for his permit in the past, John engaged the team at Orana Murray Bridge and prepared with 10 hours of study to achieve his goal.

John said understanding the road rules and certain traffic scenarios were challenging, but he was able to develop his knowledge during the program. One-on-one support was included in the process from his Client Development Coordinator, Beth.

He used his improved reading comprehension skills, while his thorough preparation meant he was able to stay calm to pass the theoretical test.

John is now on the road to furthering his independence with his learner’s permit and he said he looks forward to driving himself to and from work in the future.

“I’m pretty happy with it,” he said.

Congratulations on your achievement John!

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