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A whole new world

Being out and about is a favourite hobby of Orana clients Christine and Dean.

Supported by Annie, their Client Coach, they decided to put on their thinking caps and organised their busy social schedule for the weekend.

They heard on the news that the Broadway musical Aladdin was coming to town and they were very eager to check it out.

Dean and Christine live in different suburbs so they had to coordinate their transport schedule. Supported by Annie, they did their research on the Adelaide Metro website and worked out the routes and times to get to the Adelaide Festival Centre for their show using their Metro card.

In the past, Dean would never board a bus. He wasn’t confident using public transport but after being supported by Orana, he has now built his confidence and social skills. Dean is now more self-assured, whether it is travelling by bus or tram, to wait, hail, top up his Metro card and tell the driver where he needs to stop.

Christine was able to put her social skills in action and travelled by herself on public transport. She joined Dean and Annie at the Central Market where they had a quick lunch, enjoying Vietnamese rolls and a quick stroll through the market.

Christine has also been working on being more independent. Sadly, her mum passed away recently and she was very concerned about what life was going to be like without her company. Supported by Orana, she is currently working on a variety of Capacity Building programs involving improving her social skills, cooking, computer use and discovering a whole new world of opportunities.

She has been able to organise her own schedule, catching the bus from home and travelling by herself. She has been developing her social skills by taking up the opportunity to meet new friends and going out with them, enjoying different activities in the community.

Being in a theatre full of people can be a little bit overwhelming but not for Dean and Christine. Supported by Orana, they are continuing to work on developing their social skills. By participating in the Safety in the Community program Dean and Christine are now more confident and aware of their social interactions and behaviour when in public places.

Dean and Christine are now out and about every time they have the chance with ongoing support from Annie and Orana.

Everyone enjoyed the musical Aladdin and they were fascinated by the costumes, scenery, music and dancing. Afterwards, they were all having fun at the ‘Something on Saturday’ program photo booth in the Playhouse foyer. Dean dressed up as Elton John (his favourite musician) and Christine changed into a long-haired Unicorn.

Christine recalled the occasion vividly and said she loved the theatre.

‘I really liked the big golden cave when there was a great big boom!’ she said

‘And the flying rug… oh! I don’t know how they did that! I liked the dancing, the costumes and the singing of ‘You ain’t never had a friend like me.’

Dean also had a ball and said he enjoyed the whole performance.

‘It was fantastic, I liked everything,’ he said.

‘I loved the pictures, I liked the genie, the lantern with the boy and the princess. That was my favourite show.’

After the performance, everyone enjoyed a walk along the River Torrens where they thought about a Popeye trip for their next adventure.

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