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Orana’s in-home support service can help you live your life to the fullest while remaining in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Getting help at home may suit your needs and has many benefits, such as:


Where else would you feel as at ease as in your own home? Simple changes to your home, such as installing handrails or moving furniture, can make your daily routine much easier, allowing you to cope at home.


Living in your own home gives you a lot more control over your daily routine because you are not completely reliant on others. All support services are tailored to your specific needs and desires and can assist you in engaging in activities that you may have previously ignored as too difficult.

Individualised support

Getting help at home allows you to choose what you do and receive support only with activities that you are struggling with.

Involvement of family members

When you’re at home, your loved ones can be as involved as much as you want, which isn’t always possible when you’re not. Involvement of family members in developing support plans can also lead to more opportunities.

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