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Orana Community Options Programs operate during the day from Monday to Friday, and participants can choose from a variety of group-based community and in-house activities that are flexible and tailored to their interests and needs.

Our current programs include:

Western Metro Program

We are excited to announce that our Western Metro Community Options program has undergone a redesign! The weekly schedule now includes new and exciting activities that promote creativity, skill-building, fun, and relationship-building.

From Monday – Friday, 9am – 3.30pm, these activities will take place in the community and within our Ridleyton location.

Port Augusta

Orana Community Options in Port Augusta operates Monday to Friday in our centrally located premises. The service provides recreation and leisure and opportunities for people with disability to learn new skills in a group setting. A wide range of centre-based options is offered to support people in developing skills to meet their individual goals. Experiences include Independent Living Skills, Social Skills, Cooking, Sensory Experiences, Outdoor Activities, Fitness, Literacy and Numeracy, Money Handling, Art and Craft. The program also provides community-based programs that encourage people to be active members of the community and support their involvement in activities such as exploring nearby towns, swimming, shopping, ten-pin bowling, and local community events.

Life Education

Life Education allows participants to develop skills to live as independently as possible. The Life Education program aims to develop everyday skills to build confidence and independence. Life Education provides individual programs for post-secondary students and adults in basic literacy and numeracy, personal and life skills development, work skills, community access, and recreation and leisure activities. We offer a range of learning and development activities to build an individual’s capacity to manage day-to-day life through developing their knowledge, skills and networks of support. Life skills development focuses on daily activities, communication and social skills, and problem-solving. We also support family members and carers to implement strategies to manage challenging issues such as social skills, and dealing with emotions, relationships, and sexuality. The Life Education program is based in Ridleyton and runs Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 3.30pm.

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