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Orana’s partnership continues with Birthing Kit Foundation Australia

In 2021, the Australian community has packed approximately 96,000 birthing kits, with 14,000 of those kits packed by employees at Orana’s Netley Business Services. In addition, through our partnership with Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA), people with disability are supporting the work of BKFA by packing clean birth kits, which in recent months kits have been distributed predominantly across Sub-Sahara Africa.

Orana is proud to contribute together with BKFA towards building a better world for women and girls. A few statements from Orana’s employees, staff and BKFA:

“I like to know that I am helping someone else”.
Amanda – Orana Employee

“I really liked working on the birth kits because it is a necessary thing for people to have”.
Samantha – Orana Employee

“Very good. I like to learn about birth kits and that they went overseas”.
Leslie – Orana Employee

“Everyone loves putting together the birth kits, knowing they are doing something purposeful”.
Kelly – Orana Supervisor

“The disruption in Australia due to the pandemic has meant that Birthing Kit Foundation Australia’s traditional method of assembly through various service clubs has been either severely restricted or impossible. Thankfully Orana has been able to provide their services to support the assembly of 14,000 clean birth kits. This has provided BKFA with the resources to allow distribution of these kits to areas that are in such desperate need during the current critical climate and allow many more women and girls the chance to have access to the tools to provide a clean and safe birth”.
Adrian – Birthing Kit Foundation Australia Business and Operations Manager

“We are thrilled that every kit assembled as part of this innovative partnership makes a difference to Australians living with disability, as well as women and girls around the world”.
Birthing Kit Foundation Australia

To find out more about Birthing Kit Foundation Australia and the great work they do, visit their website at or follow them on social media @BirthingKitFoundationAu.

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